Swimming pool Miraqua — luxury spa resort in your house
We create elite tropical places with “smart pool” technology
Doesn't need special support
Working without service personnel
Remote control from any point of the world
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The sea of pleasures in one swimming pool

Smart swimming pool is always ready to meet you and your guests with crystal clear water and comfort atmosphere. You don't need to worry about good "weather" in your swimming pool. Once the system is set you can even to forget to clean, fetch or heat water. Smart swimming pool system is take care of your comfort by itself.

After a long hard day's work you always get a sea of pleasure and relax in your swimming pool.

The major thing is that you don't depend on service personnel because your swimming pool has such functions as:

  • the protection rollets help keep water clean;
  • resupplies pure water;
  • filters and disinfects water;
  • switch on and switches off light and music;
  • turn to sleep mode if no one uses a swimming pool.

Miraqua is a high — technology swimming pool that makes your rest zone like paradise place!

Most parents worry about children safety especially during water games. Smart pool helps to minimize your worries due to double defense system:    — AngelEye is a protection system that capture and warning critical situation in the swimming pool by phone call, sms or any of electronic devices in the house.

— Protection rollets helps avoid uncontrolled water submersion of human or pets. Protection rollets are made from solid material that can withstand weight of 8 people!

Сrystal clear water in your pool — now this is reality! High level of water disinfection makes your pool safe and safety that even baby can swim in it. All used methods of cleaning water in Miraqua swimming pools passed certification and safe for people with allergic reactions.

Swimming pool it is a place where anyone wants to forget about a day routine, invite friends for a party, to have a romantic meeting or spend time for yourself. Smart swimming pool can create any atmosphere in just one click. Party mode is gives you a bright illuminating, various fountains and geysers, waterslides, and music that will be heard even under water.

Relax mode is gives you romantic music, a warm lights and underwater fountains. Training mode is change your swimming pool in a coursing river that helps you to train every muscle in best way.

VIP-comfort in one click
  • Manage your smart swimming pool with any gadget you like
  • Keep situation under control from any place in the world. Choose and change options of your smart pool as you do in your smartphone
  • Use basic options or set your own in one click
  • Choose water temperature and others modes before you come home
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Smart pools Miraqua
— is a reflection of high technologies
Absolute safety for family
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We make an individual styling solutions and implement any ambitious projects
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We have many useful options for your comfort
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We have various modes for any mood
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Luxury decorations and natural materials
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Ready solutions from Miraqua
Swimming pool Infinity
Swimming pool Infinity — it's a new trend in creation of landscape pools which is very popular in the best hotels on Hawaii, Tahiti, Maldives, in Turkey, Tanzania, Greece, Indonesia and USA. You'll be amazed at pool that hasn't boundaries. Swimming in such pool seized spirit even at the most experienced. Now this luxury is in your home.
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Swimming pool Level
Swimming pool Level — it's a classic of skimmer pools. Skimmer pools looking humble and have minimalist design. If you looking for reasonable approach and don't accept excesses then swimming pool "Level" it's your choice.
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Swimming pool Relax
Swimming pools Relax it's a special series Spa pools with hydro massage. Various swimming pool operating mode allow to influence all groups of muscles simultaneously that presents unforgettable pleasure, particularly after stressed day of work.
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Бассейн Sport
Pools of the Sport series — a high-tech solution with professional equipment for athletes of international class. This series was specially developed for active and effective home training sessions. You don't have to visit public pools to keep yourself in shape — in one click your pool will turn into a rapid river and you can start training! By adjusting the power of the flow, you can train with different intensity, evenly distributing the load on all muscle groups.
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Swimming pool Miracle
Pool Miracle is light transfers, infinite depth and soft light on the bottom of your pool. Latest technologies allow to reconstitute an over-night sky in your yard, each evening, apart from weather, you could behold stars and to enjoy an evening bathing.
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Swimming pool Windows
Swimming pool Windows is a magnificent highlight of Your house. You can realize such pool on the roof of your house or in the court, making transparent only bottom that will visually add depth to the swimming pool. Or to make entirely transparent walls — that to open space and to create illusion of infinite pool. The poll Windows will introduce refinements to the common style of Your house.
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Swimming pool Transformer.
Swimming pools Transformers it's like James Bond gadgets in your house.Only imagine, after fancy supper you want to be atoned in cool water and one contact of the button floor is lowered, where you just sat and the bowl of the pond with pure and transparent water emerges. And taking pleasure by bathing, you remove as well easily poll under floor. Swimming poll Transformer is a top indication of engineering decisions and progress in technologies.
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According to your wishes
we make for you various decorations

We offer the most different variants of external and inside decor which will provide unique appearance of the poll and maximum level of comfort for you.

Due to diversity of design decisions, the swimming poll will be entered to the interior of any place

Ceramic granite tile
Polymer coating
— quality symbol
On the market of construction swimming pools since 2003
29 qualified specialists in the staff
They executed more than 600 projects
We deliver and sell equipment from Europe and USA
We observe the standards of EU at designing and construction of polls
All furnishing and equipment always available
We give warranty to equipment — 5 years
We give warranty to works — 10 years
We implement the projects of any complexity
We lead threefold quality surveillance by technical supervision
We offer high technologies for realisation of your ideas
We will organise complete cycle of construction on a turn-key basis
We use the equipment of leading brands
Our services
3D designing
We develop and visualize project with the aid of 3D-technologies, taking into account the location of the pond and Your personal wishes.
We develop design, being oriented to your taste, functionality and the common object stylistics.
Selection of the equipment
We select equipment, according to those functions which important for you.
Construction and installation
We conduct construction and erection works, observing Snip and EU standards.
We set up and automate work of all of installed equipment.
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Our approach
to co-operation
Step 01
Request on the site
Step 02
Personal meeting and idea discussion
Step 03
Offer with 3D by visualization
Step 04
Discussion and adoption of draft
Step 05
Development 3D project
Step 06
Construction and installation
Step 07
Starting-up and adjustment works
Step 08
Life service
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